Like 4 Years.  I guess that’s quite a while.  And let me tell you, it’s been a real shit storm. I know, that’s gross and rude.  But there is just no better way to tell you about it.  So here I am on the other side and it seems like I’ll be getting what I always wanted.  We’ll see, more on that later.  I thought today I’d tell you a little about where I live.

This is Selma.  It’s a charming little village.  Actually, more like an intersection.  One side of the flashing yellow is a Chevron station, one side is a small strip mall that contains the post office, two thrift stores and a quickie mart.  Across the street is the grocery store and on the other side of that is a small goat farm.  Down the highway a few hundred yards is a church and the old elementary school that became a civic center.  I go there on Monday’s  for the Baptist church food pantry.   We residents affectionately refer to this place as “Appalachia with a view”.  I understand the East Coast Appalachia is quite beautiful as well.

Still, we have everything we really need.  Up the road is Cave Junction, named for the corner that takes you off the highway and up the mountain to the Oregan Caves Monument.  That’s one really spectacular hole in the heart of the mountain, but the old wooden Chateau built up there in the earlier days is really the attraction for me.  It’s a big, rangy, beautiful structure snuggled into the old growth like a Bavarian Inn from Europe. Between the two is Takilma, famed home of hippies in the early 70’s.  When I first came here people told me this was where “Deliverance meets the Grateful Dead”.  THAT turned out to be so true, but more about that later, too.  Takilma is the Grateful Dead part of that equation.  You’ll see dozens of long gray ponytails bustling about Cave Junction any time of day or night.  It’s the local look, along with hand guns and camo.

To change the subject: I sold two paintings today on Daily Paintworks.  They didn’t go for a lot of money, but it will buy more supplies or a couple of frames.  Mostly, I just love the recognition and appreciation.  I read a great big book once called “What Is Art”  and it boiled down to this for me:

If you HAVE to make it, and you HAVE to show it to somebody, it’s ART.

Just like that.  So, have a great day.  If you make art, make some.  If you don’t…buy some!





That’s what I thought when we started out.  Selling our home outside of Seattle and moving to an isolated acreage in the mountains of Southern Oregon.  You know that commercial where the guys are looking for a spot to camp where there is no cell phone service?  Well, that’s my front yard.

OK. Not really my front yard, but there’s no cell phone service here either.  Bears, yes.  Foxes, you bet.  Eccentric neighbors, of course, but that’s a whole different story for later.